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Skin Smoothing

Full body scrub with organic natural ingredients, full-body mud clay mask followed by a full-body oil/ Thai massage, ionic foot detoxifying treatment*. What better way to achieve smooth, glowing skin? Start off with a full-body scrub with organic, natural ingredients. This will remove your dead skin cells, while cleansing and promoting the body’s blood circulation, leaving your skin soft and polished. Follow this with a full-body mud clay mask, which absorbs and sucks up any dirt the scrub may have missed, drawing impurities from the deepest layers of the skin, replacing them with nutrients and minerals that will leave you glowing. Next, enjoy a full-body oil or Thai massage, which will not only feel amazing and relax your body, but will provide numerous internal benefits, including draining any lymphatic blockages, kicking the immune system into high gear, and improving gland production. Finish off with an ionic foot detoxifying treatment, which draws out any remaining toxins from the organs and skin, while balancing the body’s bioenergetic fields. This package can be done with friends, and can be done over the course of a full day with a relaxed schedule.

Luxury Body

Indian ear candling, volcanic body hot stone massage, invigorating reflexology foot massage, ionic foot detoxifying treatment*.

Start your session with a clear head by having your ears candled. This ancient technique safely removes wax from the ears and clears the sinuses. Next, a volcanic hot stone body massage allows any kinks and stresses in your body to melt into the floor, with hot earth stones being expertly placed and maneuvred across key body meridians and trouble zones. This is followed by an invigorating reflexology foot massage, which rebalances and revitalises the body by using acupressure to stimulate reflex points. This is complemented perfectly by the final touch, which is an ionic foot detoxifying treatment, drawing toxins from your organs out through the pores of your feet.


Hips, thighs and buttocks cupping to get rid of cellulite (specific areas), inch loss cellulite breakdown, detoxifying cellulite body mask and wrap, relaxing back, head and shoulder massage, Indian ear candling.

This package starts with the ancient technique of cupping, now improved with modern methods, to disrupt and smooth out fat cells, leaving once bumpy, cellulite-ridden skin looking and feeling smooth like a baby’s bottom. This treatment is followed by a detoxifying cellulite body mask and wrap, which offers further slimming effects to complement the results of the cupping. A relaxing back, head, and shoulder massage is next on the menu, stimulating blood circulation and clearing any further bodily blockages. Finally, Indian ear candling improves hearing and clears the sinuses.